About Us

Leaving your native country is always hard. Everything you have known as "home" is suddenly changed. The people, music, food, sweets, and condiments are now this unknown of "when will you get to relive those memories."

We founded Pisco Sour Market with two missions: be an ambassador for Peru and bring those little but meaningful memories from home to you.

Meet our Staff:
       Hello I am Catherine and I am the   owner of   Pisco Sour Market. I started the market with the help of my  family always cheering me on.  My favorite dish is olluquito that I usually seasoned with aji panca and serve it  with rice. Thank you for choosing Pisco Sour  Market for  all your antojitos.  








     Hello I am Peggi and I am the head of the Marketing at Pisco Sour Market. I do all the ads and posts on our Facebook page and I also run our Instagram page. My favorite snack is habitas saladitas, it has been my favorite since I was a little girl. Working with my sister has been an incredible experience and I cant wait to see the store grow more. 







    Hi I am Michelle and I am the Manager for Pisco Sour Market. You may recognize me as the first person you see as you enter the store in the afternoons. I enjoy cooking and you might see me in the restaurant here and there. I love to cook specially for my daughter, Leah. Her favorite cookies are picaras; we both love sweets. 







     Hello I am Don Rodolfo a.k.a Don Rodo and I am the head butcher for the market. I have been a butcher for more than 35 years. My specialty is Argentinian chorizo  which I like to accompany with chimichurri. I enjoy making the customers smile and I know they enjoy the cuts of meats.
-Don Rodolfo






       Nice to meet you, I am Sheila, I manage our store’s website; we work tirelessly to provide a curated experience tailored to everyone’s essential needs and wants. Additionally, I am your go-to customer service representative. Feel free to send inquiries about products, delivery, online orders my way! Our family and cultures derive from Peru, meaning lots of sweet and savory treats. Some of my favorites include King-Kong (coming soon), Turron, and Tari. Thank you for shopping with us!